Thinking about bringing in some items to Revived? Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your items.


Step 1 - Cleaning Out Your Closet

This step can be super overwhelming! But no worries, we have some rules for when it's time to clean out.  It's hassle free, and totally fun! 

Rule 1- Haven't Wore it in 6 Months? If not, probably time to recycle it. 

Rule 2- Would you wear it right now? If not, you probably won't ever.

Rule 3- Does it fit? If not, bring in your items and trade them for store credit-meaning that you can trade those jeans for one size up so you can eat the ice cream without the guilt 😜


After going through your closet, it is time to go through the items you pulled, and get them ready to take to Revived! 

When going through your items please keep in mind our standards for buying clothing-

-Clean and smoke-free- 

-Only name brands-

-Current styles-

-Excellent condition-

So, find an empty laundry basket, tote, or shopping bag (please NO trash bags) and let's get started... 

As you're going through your clothes, be thinking: "Would this be in the mall in the last 2 years?".

If not, we recomend that you set that aside to donate to a non-profit organization!

Not sure what we consider "Like New?" 

Here is some examples of condition that we can't take:  

Fading - x


(those annoying little balls on your clothes) 

stains - x 

holes - x 

missing buttons - x

broken zippers - x



And lastly, the brand does matter! We aren't able to accept any Walmart, Kmart, Dollar General, or other discount store brands, however we do accept some Khol's, JCPenny, and Old Navy brands. 



Step 2- Bringing Them In-

We pay cash every day

 or...if you really love to shop, Trade for Store Credit!

Bringing clothes into Revived is super easy! 

Bring them in anytime, NO appointment needed! 

All you have to do is bring them to the front counter- a buyer will be there to take your items!

When I am going through your things, as a buyer, I am thinking about two people, YOU, and the customer who buys the items that you bring in-
If you see me skip an item before I hold it up, chances are I probably saw something on it without having to hold it up, therefore, we are unable to accept it. Please don’t get offended if we are unable to take all of your items, we have to be SUPER picky to keep Revived upscale, which means, not accpeting everything that comes in...
— Your Buyer at Revived

As the buyer goes through your things,

to create your special, unique offer,

you can be shopping around the store!

As your shopping, an associate will come tell you that your buy is ready, but feel free to shop more,  and take your time. When you come to the counter, we will have your offer there waiting, along with the items they didn't take-But don't get offended! Revived has to stay picky to keep their upscale quality!

After you accept the offer, feel free to keep shopping, or maybe check out with the goodies you selected!